Flat Ride

Matterhorn MH-16

The Matterhorn ride consist of a circular development track with depressions and two “cat’s back”. The rail is supported by a steel horse structure, connected to the central body square structure supporting the central rotor and housing all electric and pneumatic equipments. The whole structure is hot-dip galvanised, with exception of the central rotor and radial arms. The foot-boards approaching the cars consists of anti-skid aluminium tread plate.
Enclosure fences are positioned along the outer perimeter of the footboards (stainless-steel).
Electronically operated lighting is composed of cabochons.
Sixteen cars run along the rail, connected to a central rotor by radial arms (sweeps). The cars swings due to centrifugal force during rotation, and are stabilized by a pneumatic operated brake during loading and unloading. The ride moves by means of one self-braking A.C. gear-motor controlled by Frequency Drive.

Base structure footprint:Width m. 14,55 (47’9”) – Depth m. 13,7 (45’)
Maximum dimensions:Width m. 15,5 (51’) – Depth m. 14,6 (48’) - High m 6 (19’8”) [m.7,2 (23’7”) Front sign)]
Maximum capacity:32 passengers
Maximum passengers/hour:550 passengers/hour (3,5 min. cycle)
Power Requirements:37 kW (15 kW Led Lighting - 22 kW Motive Power)