Flat Ride

Galleon Race GR-12

The Galleon Race ride consist of a circular development track with depressions and two “cat’s back”. The rail is supported by a steel horse structure, connected to the central body by radial longeron and tie rods. The whole metal structure is hot-dip galvanised. Twelve cars run along the rail, connected to a central rotor by radial arms (sweeps). The foot-boards approaching the cars consists of an aluminium tread plate. All electric and pneumatic equipment is fitted inside the central body, on which the central rotor is fixed.
The ride moves by means of 1 self-braking A.C. gear-motor fixed to the central rotor and controlled by Frequency Drive.

Maximum dimensions:Width m. 11,2 (36’9”) – Depth m. 12,3 (40’4”) - High m 3,2 (10’6”)
Maximum capacity:24/36 passengers (Adults/Children)
Maximum passengers/hour:480 passengers/hour (3 min. cycle)
Power Requirements:27 kW (2 kW Led Lighting - 25 kW Motive Power)